Champagne and French Fries: How to Snack like a Parisian (or Parisienne!) at Àvert

It’s never too early to be thinking about a little afternoon snack - and a glass of wine!  Parisian bistro culture involves long afternoons sitting out doors, people watching and enjoying a variety of small snacks and a leisurely beverage or two.  Enjoy this same laid back gourmet lifestyle at Àvert before the winter arrives to drive us all indoors for the season on our cozy, stylish patio.  Of course - our interior is also mighty cozy and perfect for a rainy afternoon at the bar.  The ‘bistro snack’ is an important part of French culture - a mini meal between meals: and it is a must if you have late dinner plans.

What to order?  A French 75 cocktail, a side of French fries, and escargot (for the more adventurous) is all you need for the perfect afternoon snack.  If you care to stay for dinner, enjoy our classic French menu.  If you need more reason to join us - this week is CT Restaurant Week, and Chef Michael Glazier is offering a prix fixe menu which you don’t want to miss.  Out door dining is a fleeting season in the northeast, and with temps venturing into the 70s this week, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy.  So don’t delay - come on in and enjoy a little slice of Paris in West Hartford.  Pro tip: we also offer 1/2 price bottles (under $75) every Sunday and Monday!