New at Zohara

We have exciting news - Zohara is now offering 7 new sandwiches for lunch! Incorporating classic mediterranean flavors and ingredients, these specialty creations are more than just your average sandwich.

Try our spin on the classic BLT, made with lamb bacon, fried green tomato, and mint yogurt. If you like lamb, you’ll love the Lamburger. It’s served with unique toppings like sumac onions, cucumber, cheese spread and dill yogurt.

Looking for a meat free option? We recommend our homemade falafel, topped with hummus, israeli salad and tahini pickled cabbage, or the smoked salmon sandwich with smashed avocado, & cucumber dill.

Take lunchtime to the next level and treat yourself to a specialty sandwich that will leave you satisfied until dinner. Looking for a quick & easy lunch to-go? We offer online ordering via our website.